The inspiration for making the Malmöfestivalen Mobile Mashup in 2010 came after experiencing a rather hard to navigate official website in 2009, with only a few functions for the participants of the festival. Furthermore, I also felt that a more local "guide", which was not only about browsing information actively, but also could notify the user at certain points, was an obvious add-on for the great festival. Although the newspaper accompanying the festival always has been very useful, I've always felt kind of numbstruck of the amount of people and magnitude of the festival, once I was in the middle of it (that's a cadeau!).

In the summer 2010 I was studying Android development, and I decided 2010 to make Malmöfestivalen Mobile Mashup based on the data exposed on the malmofestivalen.se website. The app was relatively popular, with around 1000 active users during the festival. Not much, but still enough for it to be worth it. And the feedback was great!

Full retrospective description of the 2010 edition can be found here.


Soon Malmöfestivalen 2011 is coming up! The people running Malmöfestivalen are supporting yet another edition of the Malmöfestialven for Android app, they're exposing data for the app to use, and are generally very forthcoming. Last year I had to do it all in 3-4 weeks, but as of writing this, there's still 4+ months until the festival begins. That's great! There's a backlog of stuff I didn't have time to do in 2010 and I'm looking forward to do it.

But... I've been thinking a lot about how the app could reach a higher level of awesomeness. Through my daily work as software development consultant I get to know a lot of highly skilled people, there are many possibilities to connect with the user (such as the facebook page) - why not try to create this edition in another way? This is why the development of Malmöfestivalen 2011 is now open source. I think we can raise the level through collaboration.

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