Features wish list from 2010:

Download new updates
Due to the development timeframe in 2010, the database was included in the application. In 2011 it would be nice if the app could update itself with new data, either periodically or when the users wishes to do so.

More links
In 2010 edition the only link included on concert details was the link to read more on the malmofestivalen.se web site. In 2011 there will be support for showing all links, triggering Youtube and Spotify where such links exist.

Search available everywhere
Most if not all Android phones have a search button. A click on such a button should trigger the search function in the app.

All events
2010 edition contained only concerts. 2011 will contain all types of events (if possible).

Support for more languages
Malmöfestivalen is multicultural. 2010 edition supports Danish, Swedish and English. More language would be nice to have in 2011.

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