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2011 Android featureset

All Events

The app now contains all the events from the festival (2010 only had music events).

Support for external resources

Spotify, Youtube, WWW links

Category browsing

Browse all the categories - fast!

Import favorites activity

Better import of favorites from the


Because of the bigger amount of data to be handled, the 2012 app underwent refactoring for making browsing the lists much faster.

More languages

There are many expats living in Malmö and surrounding areas. The app supports Swedish, Danish, English, German and Spanish.

2010 Android featureset

Start activity

Shows icons to the activities "Current and upcoming events", "Festival map", "Scenes / Places" and "Your favorites". Furthermore the start activity contains a textbox for entering search text, an informational text explaining the amount of events contained in the app and a "Share this app" function.

Current and upcoming events activity

Shows all scenes / places sorted by name, and under these scenes / places the 3 next events (actually the current and the two next, to be precise). A click on an event will lead the user to the Event Detail activity.

Event Detail activity

Shows Name, short description and the start / stop date of the event. It's possible to (1) Share the event, (2) Show the scene on a map, (3) read more on site (opens a browser) and (4) mark the event as a feature by clicking a heart icon.

Scene map activity

Shows all scenes / places as pins. A click on a pin transfers the user to the Scene detail activity. There's a "Follow my position", made as a checkbox, that, when checked by the user, will turn on GPS and show the users position on the map.

Scene Detail activity

Shows name of scene and all events on that scene, grouped by festival day. Also, it's possible to show the scene on a map.

Scene list

It was possible to see all scenes in list form. (note: This feature is now deprecated, now it's a menu option under the "Scenes / Places" activity.)

Favorites activity

Shows a list over all favorites, including playtime. A click on an event transfers the user to the Event Detail activity.

Search result list

Shows result list of text search from the Start activity. A click on an event will transfer the user to the Event Detail activity.

Import favorites

A simple import, where the user enters his/hers username and password to Activating the import feature would request the favorites from the site, and insert them in to the local favorites database.

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