End of Week status - Friday 29th April

Apr 29, 2011 at 8:07 PM

Just wanted to sum up my activities for this week:

* Task #6417 (create new db and data fetcher) is done. I'll test this new db structure and content in the beginning of next week, and after that a database with beta content will be checked into the Android app project for everyone to use. Team members should be able to start up slowly now, as the database hopefully won't change that much (apart from any typo's I might have made)

PS. As I write this I find that the betaapi has changed, however, this does not seem on derive any changes in the database structure. I'll make the changes next week.

I'll start a thread like this every week on fridays, where everyone is invited to write a couple of one-liners about any progress they might have had.

Have a nice weekend! :)